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20 Jul 2019

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Everyone has an equal right to Digital Marketing Training in Delhi

Friends, I saw the latest movie “Super 30” first show last week. What a movie and the role played by “Hrithik Roshan” for the character of “Anand Kumar”. I Could analyse so many things in my surroundings and found audiences giving a standing ovation to the message of the movie after it Ends.

The message was very clear “Everyone has an equal right to education.”

True! What you think. Well, this made me confused to some extent as I could see the world surrounding me with the same eyes that you can. Education is the right of everyone but do we justify the message. Does our Education System provide such facility? Yes, to some extent.

Today, we talk about Digitalization! Digitalization! Digitalization!

We all know the world is moving fast towards Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. What if a lower class student wants to learn Digital Marketing? Maybe a Rikshaw wala, Auto wala, a hawker or a labour class wants his child to be a Digital marketer. They have the right to dream, they can.

But the first question arises is can they afford the fee that this course demands?

I approached with my question to many counselors who are representing their institutes as the best digital marketing institutes in Delhi. No one was convinced with my statement that will your institute be able to offer free education to the needy and deserving candidates who wants to get associated with the trend of Digital marketing in 2019?

The answer was very clear to me. “NO” as it won’t give any monetary benefits to them. Suddenly, I found a person running his own Digital Marketing Agency along with a Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. He changed my view of the education system.

Mr. Hemant Sharma, Director at Enovate Technologies LLP and Trainer at Enovate Trainings.  This man is the ocean of knowledge. He is holding a vast experience of more than 20 years in the IT industry. He said,” Yes, Education should be for ALL. It must reach to the deserving and needy. I will give such a platform to them.” This answer stops my search here at Enovate Trainings. I must say that Teachers in true sense still exist.

So, Friends, share my blog to as many as people in your contacts and help the one who really needs help.

You can contact them by visiting their website at www.enovatetrainings.com or by visiting their page at https://www.facebook.com/enovatetrainings

Aruna S.
Human Resource & Educational Consultant

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