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29 Mar 2019

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How Digital Marketing is the Best Career Option Today


Digital marketing is online marketing of your products and services using digital technologies and platforms- mainly the internet. With the expansion of internet, no company can continue to ignore digital marketing if it wants to be competitive. Digital marketing is flourishing in India which offers tremendous potential. Penetration of smartphones and internet a key driver for digital marketing in the country. Digital marketing training and courses are becoming very popular and help you carve a niche in the domain.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

The scope of digital marketing has been increasing consistently in India. Digital advertisement spending has overtaken the tv advertisement spending and the trend is expected to continue going ahead in the future. This is indicative of the bright future ahead in the field of digital marketing in India. This has led to the popularization of digital marketing training in the country. There are many high-quality digital marketing courses which equip you to have a successful career in the domain. Some of the key career opportunities in digital marketing currently are discussed below:

Professional Blogging

Digital marketing boom in India has opened blogging as a full-time career opportunity. Many bloggers are now moving beyond taking blogging as a hobby and making it a full-time career. Bloggers can create sustained income by monetizing their blogs through affiliate marketing and advertisements.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another important domain where you can earn through digital marketing. You can start your own website or blog on a particular niche and develop traffic initially to it. Once you generate good awareness and online traffic, you can monetize your website or blog by providing links to different products and services. When the user purchases the product or service by clicking on your link, you get a fixed fee from the e-commerce platform.


You can offer freelancing services to clients in the digital marketing domain. It allows you the flexibility to offer your expertise to global clients sitting at the comfort of your home.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping refers to selling products through an online platform to consumers without actually owning physical inventory. You can develop an online store and add products based on their demand. You can then connect your online store with large e-commerce players for selling it online. All products with details of sellers are listed on the e-commerce portal and when the product sells you earn a profit.

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