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Digital Marketing – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of creating a strong online presence of a business by using paid advertisements search engine results page (SERP). The biggest benefit of SEM is that it allows you to put your ads in front of highly motivated customers who are already searching for your business through their search engine queries. If their search queries contain the targeted keywords used by you, then your ad can be placed in front of them. This can mean better conversion rates and increased revenue for businesses. The different aspects of SEM are discussed below:

SEM Training Courses are required to achieve success in this area of Digital Marketing and therefore opted by Rohini Students and Job Seekers. Enovate Trainings Institute offering complete & professional Digital Marketing Training Course which includes SEM Module of Training Course and deliver it to make a successful career in the SEM field. The scope of SEM training courses and the reasons for popularity are given below in details.

How to Plan and Execute the Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy?
If planned and executed properly, PPC is one of the best ways of driving traffic to your post-click landing page. It also drives targeted, qualified, and high-intent traffic which have good chances of getting converted. You can improve the planning and execution of your PPC strategy by considering the following tips:

Mobile Compatible PPC

Majority of the internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. It is estimated that more than half of your PPC clicks will take place on a mobile device. Considering this, you should have a PPC strategy which is compatible with mobile devices. Not only should your webpages use responsive design, your post-click landing pages should also be compatible with mobile devices.


You should use the retargeting feature for effective PPC strategy. Through retargeting, you can place a cookie on the browser of your end-user. This allows you to keep your brand in front of the end-users always. Retargeting is very cost-effective and an excellent way of ensuring better success from a PPC campaign.

Use the Best Bidding Strategy

Using the best bidding strategy is important for ensuring the success of your PPC campaign. You can opt for cost-per-click (CPC) bidding where you pay Google every time a user clicks on your ad. cost-per-thousand viewable impression (CPM) bidding means you pay Google for every 1000 times your ad appears to the users. Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding lets you pay Google every time an ad is clicked, but the payment is dependent on your customer acquisition cost. Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding needs you to pay every time the ad is played or engaged on YouTube.

Proper Targeting of Audience

You can use Google’s In-Market Audience to target your customers better. It allows you to engage with customers who are in specific verticals of a buying cycle. If a customer is searching for buying a house, then you can target them with related ads which have much better chance of being clicked.

Detailed Usage Process of Google AdWords

The detailed process of setting up a Google AdWords account is discussed below:

Sign Up

You should visit the Google AdWords page and sign up with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you will need to create one. Once you have logged in, you can start working towards creating your campaign.

Setup Your Budget

Setting up your budget is important as it ensures that you don’t cross your budgeted expenditure. You can finalize the budget depending on the expected number of visitors and conversion rates. Depending upon your expected conversion rates, you can decide how much you can pay for each visitor which is known as cost per acquisition (CPA)

Select Target Audience

The next step is to select your target audience. You can specify the geographical location of your target audience. Your ad will be displayed to the users who have searched the web using your targeted keywords and who fall within the specified geographical location. This ensures better targeting of customers and showing them ads which they are searching for.

Choose a Network

You need to choose between a search network and display network. Search network puts your ads on Google SERPs while display network places them on any website which shows ads. For beginners search network is better as it helps you to display your ad to customers who are searching using your keywords.

Select Keywords

Selecting suitable keywords is critical for creating a successful campaign. Initially, Google lets you select 15-20 keywords which may cause your ad to display on the SERP. It is better to select a few keywords which are likely to produce better results instead of selecting 20 average keywords. You should also check the search volumes of your selected keywords. Choosing more keywords or keywords with high search volume can be expensive, so you need to choose the keywords carefully.

Set Your Bid

Bid is the amount which you are willing to pay when a user clicks on your ad. If you and a competitor choose the same keyword, then the higher bidder’s ad will show to the customer. Beginners can start with automatic bidding until they learn and understand the bidding system better.

Create Ads

The final step involves creating and posting you ad. The ad should be short and simple with catchy headline. It should lead the customers to a clear call for action. You will be charged once your budget is exhausted or after 30 days of posting your ad, whichever comes earlier.

Benefits and Scope of Getting Trained on SEM

Search Engine Marketing training courses have become popular due to the immense benefits and scope they offer. SEM professionals are highly sought after by recruiters as they are invaluable for building a digital presence for the business and brands. The demand for SEM professionals is growing globally which means you can get a good SEM job anywhere in the world. Search Engine Marketing training course can help you get attractive salary as the demand for SEM professionals is very high.
There is no need for you to strictly work from a traditional office setup. You can work from anywhere in the world with flexible working hours. You can work as a full-time employee or can take up freelancing and work for multiple clients. Considering the vast scope and opportunities, getting enrolled in a Search Engine Marketing training course can be a highly rewarding professional move.