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Digital Marketing – Social Media Optimization (SMO) Course

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the processes involved in effective use of social media platforms for improving your organization’s online presence and visibility. You can develop and enhance your social media plans by using SMO. This will help you to get quantifiable results. SMO allows you to use different types of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, etc. to reach out to maximum number of potential customers. SMO focuses to direct the visitors from social media profiles to the company’s website to provide more exhaustive information to them.

Basic Social Media Optimization (SMO) Course & Advance Social Media Training is popular among Rohini Business Owners, Students and Job Seekers. Enovate Institute in Northex Mall offering complete & professional Digital Marketing Training Course which includes Social Media Modules covering Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The key benefits of Social Media Courses & Training are as follows: :

Builds a Strong Web Presence

SMO helps you to build a strong web presence for your business. You can develop a strong web presence and improve the visibility of your brand and business by judiciously using SMO. The improved visibility helps to develop trust and credibility among your potential customers and differentiates you from the stiff competition. You can orient your potential customers about the nature of your business and positively influence them into making the desired call to action.

Drives Relevant and Organic Traffic

Generating sufficient traffic to your website is important for getting the desired results in digital marketing domain. You can reach out to a larger audience and potential customers across the world without having to spend much. As discussed above, SMO increases the visibility of your business and brand which contributes to driving more relevant and organic traffic to your website. Greater organic traffic also means higher chances of conversion and higher revenues.

Improves Your Business’s Outreach and Visibility

SMO greatly helps you in reaching out to your target audience. Using SMO, you can reach out to your niche audience easily. SMO increases your social media presence and most people have access to social media on the go in their mobile devices. This makes them easier for them to search you and connect with you irrespective of their location. You can reach out to a local or global audience by using SMO.

Better Customer Targeting

SMO allows you to target your potential customers better. You can segment your target customers on different parameters like age, gender, income group, hobbies, etc. This helps you to provide relevant promotional content to them which is more likely to appeal to them. For example, a male aged 25 years and interested in sports is more likely to purchase sportswear when the promotional content is presented to him. SMO allows you that detailing in targeting your potential customers.

Better Customer Engagement

You can engage with your customers intensively while using SMO. You can get a pulse of your customers, their preferences, issues faced with your product or service, etc. instantly. You can reach out to them to address these concerns immediately and also appeal to them for new product releases, offers, etc.

Scope of Learning Social Media Course

A good social media course training institute offers great value to you for kick-starting your career as a SMO professional. You can expect the latest theory and practical inputs and classes from industry experts to build a solid platform on SMO. You will also be provided the opportunity to work on live projects for better exposure.

How to Use Different Social Media Platforms 

The detailed processes and benefits involved in using different social media platforms through SMO are provided below:  


Facebook allows you an excellent platform to connect with potential customers. You can provide a Facebook share button on your website for your readers to share it in their network. This gives you increased visibility and drives more organic traffic. You can connect with targeted audience through Facebook to increase your conversion rates.


Twitter is a very popular microblogging social platform. You can use Twitter cards along with your tweets to attach photos, videos, and other multimedia content which will generate more traffic to your website. Adding multimedia content has more impact on your target audience than a regular text tweet. Using Twitter cards is very convenient and it provides you excellent leverage for increasing your outreach and engagement. You can use the Twitter card analytics feature to assess the results and take corrective action.


Using LinkedIn plugins on your website allows you to reach out to LinkedIn users. You can choose to install from a variety of LinkedIn plugins depending upon your requirements. The Alumni tool provided by LinkedIn is a great way to network with potential customers. The Member Profile and Company Profile plugins can be used as a virtual business card which allows potential customers to view and follow your profile or content.

Scope of Learning Social Media Course

The scope of a good social media training course institute is discussed below:

Tremendous Demand for Professionals

Social media optimization professionals are in high demand. The demand for such professionals is greater than their availability. In the year 2017, there was a demand for more than 49,000 trained social media optimization professionals. The demand for SMO professionals is on the rise globally. There are a wide variety of job roles within the SMO domain which you can choose from like SMO analyst, social media marketing executive, digital marketing executive, PPC specialist, etc.

Flexible Working Hours

A distinct advantage of working as a SMO professional is the flexible working hours. You are free to work from anywhere in the world and there is no compulsion to work from the confines of a traditional brick and mortar office. You will also have the flexibility of working flexible hours depending upon your client’s needs. You can also decide whether you want to work as an on-roll employee or an independent freelancer. Freelancing allows you to work for multiple clients and earn more.

Attractive Salary

As already discussed, there is a paucity of good SMO professionals which means they are in high demand. You can expect attractive salary and perks while working as a SMO professional. The average salary of a senior digital marketing executive in the US is approximately $95,417. There is also good scope for salary increments and professional growth.